Those of you longing for some serious news on the Fantastic Four sequel can get ready - the wait is almost over. Well, for news, anyway. The movie is still awhile in coming. It's been widely known that the FF team is gearing up for a sequel, and actor Michael Chiklis, The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing, recently stated (during an appearance on Regis and Kelly) that filming would begin early this summer; fitting into the expected time frame for a July 4, 2007 release. Chiklis also confirmed that the primary filming will occur in Vancouver, Canada. You can, of course, rest assured that your faithful geek film blogger will be diligent in bringing you all the breaking news as filming gets underway - and if you hear anything that you don't see on Cinematical, make sure to get it to me - I love reader help.

I'm really hoping that the second Fantastic Four flick will give me a better finished product than the last one did. Regular readers will of course know that I enjoyed the last one for what it was, but wanted it to be infinitely better. Maybe now that origins are out of the way, we can get down to some serious action. With all the Silver Surfer/Puppet Master/Galactus rumors that are floating around, there's certainly plenty to hope for (or fear, depending).
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