It is no secret that many of Hollywood's films have been accused of being what talking heads refer to as "agenda" or "issue" films recently - this year's Academy Awards heavily featured such films. It seems like hardly a week goes by without somebody being offended by the context or content of a new movie. However, if one had to wager on the slate of current movies as to which would most likely draw political protests, I doubt the popular choice would have been the teen comedy Date Movie. The sad/funny fact of the matter is that a particular group has, in fact, found the movie to contain offensive ideology, and they've taken steps to make their unhappiness known. Advocates for the homeless population of America staged a protest (of roughly thirty or so individuals) outside of the Regal Theatre in South Portland. Apparently, somewhere in the course of this spoof/parody film, a girl and her boyfriend beat the living tar out of a homeless man after someone yells "Bum Fight!." This is apparently a reference to the infamous "bum fight" video series wherein homeless people are encouraged to fight each other. Advocates say that violence towards the homeless is NOT a funny issue, and shouldn't be made to look so on screen. The National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington is calling on the filmmakers to either eliminate the scene from the movie entirely, or at least run a public service annoucement before showing the film.

I don't know about you, but nothing makes me want to go punch a street bum in the face more than seeing someone do it in a movie. It's just like when I watched Curious George, and then ran to the nearest ritzy apartment complex to break in on a wealthy fat lady and paint her walls in a jungle motif. Oh wait...I didn't do that. I bet you I won't go punch a homeless guy either.
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