I learned long ago that falling in love with a plot summary is a bad, bad idea, and yet I just can't stop. (Which, come to think of it, is really strange, because I'm not generally an optimistic person. Weird.) The latest summary to work its magic on me is the one for a "dark comedy" called Noise, which was written and will be directed by Henry Bean (this, also, is promising, because his only other work behind the camera was on the highly praised Jewish skinhead flick, The Believer).

In Bean's film, the noise in question is the general sound of New York City (It's noisy here? What? I'm sorry, I can't hear you.), and the movie centers on one guy who, instead of fleeing when he can't take it any more, decides to do something about the din. The main character (David Owen, to be played by Tim Robbins) "renames himself 'The Rectifier' and becomes a vigilante, making war on car alarms that go off in the middle of the night." Yes, I hear you whispering "Brilliant!" to yourself. But wait - it gets better. Being The Rectifier, you see, isn't all kicking (car alarm) ass and taking names: when one chooses to live as an urban crusader, there are consequences. In Owen's case, said consequences involve things like questionable sanity, the destruction of his marriage and, of course, "the murderous enmity of the Mayor of New York."

Noise starts shooting next month in New York, and if there was an Episode I-style line to get in to await its release? I'd totally be in it.
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