Okay, lovely Cinematical readers. Perhaps you missed it the first time around, but we're having a little contest here to celebrate Cinematical's first birthday. With prizes and everything! To refresh your memory, here's the dealio: all you have to do is enter is take a pic of whatever cheesy or super-cool movie memorabilia you have in your apartment, house or whereever you live. We know you've got some. Maybe you own every Star Wars action figure ever made, and you display them on your mantel. Maybe you have a collection of E.T. toys. Maybe you have a life-sized Spider-Man cutout hanging out in your living room. Maybe you're still hanging on to that Farrah Fawcett t-shirt you stole from your dad's dresser drawer.

Whatever it is, take a picture of it, and email it to james(dot)rocchi(at)cinematical(dot)com. We've extended the deadline to 11:59PM EST, Friday, March 31. So get that digital camera out, take a pic, and send it in already! First prize will be a $200 Amazon gift certificate. Two runners-up will get one of our snazzy Cinematical t-shirts.

Rules - boring, but necessary - are below the fold.