Those of us you who, like me, know Disney primarily through their cute characters, charming musicals, and large-breasted animated heroines, might be a little shocked by some of the things they got up to back in the swinging 70s. Who knew, for example, that they were making movies about armies of syphilis and gonerhea germs, led by a little infector in a Kaiser's helmet? I sure as hell didn't. The movie - quite reasonably entitled VD Attack Plan - is actually impressively frank (or, at least, as frank as it's possible to be with bodies represented entirely by silhouettes), and features lots of genital regions with a giant X on them, as well as sexual contact represented by a male silhouette passing over a sexy silhouette in a skirt (How YOU doin'?). What's most impressive about the content is the totally natural mention that VD can be passed via same-sex contact - I'd imagine that, in some parts of the country, it's hard to get that into sex ed classes even today.
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