Some new stills have arrived online showing Hayden Christensen and Jessica Alba acting all serious for their upcoming film Awake. In the pic, Christensen will play out a hospital patient's worst nightmare - no television reception! Okay, maybe a nurse who smells worse than your stained hospital gown would be worse.

What really happens is that, while undergoing surgery, Christensen suffers from what is called "anesthetic awareness." This is when you're fully conscious but paralyzed and unable to say or do anything about the situation. Yeah, it's pretty much one of the most horrific things that can happen to a person...but Jessica Alba is there, so that's okay.

Alba will play the wife of Christensen in a contest to see which one of the two turns in the most wooden performance. Just kidding, we're not supposed to say anything bad about the adorable ones, right? According to the film's producer, "This film will do to surgery what Jaws did to swimming in the ocean." Great, now we'll have two things to fear forever - the ocean and breathing. Way to go Hollywood!

[via JoBlo]


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