Even though the two Antonio BanderasZorro (The Mask of Zorro and The Legend of Zorro) films have brought home roughly $400 million worldwide, the actor feels that he may be a bit too old to take on the role for a third time. Not for nothing, one can make the "too old to get dirty" argument for Harrison Ford going all Indiana Jones for a fourth time, but Antonio still looks and acts pretty young. C'mon, the dude hasn't even hit 50 yet - perhaps, physically, Melanie Griffith has taken a lot of of him?

Speaking to IESB, Banderas doesn't rule out a third film, but says that he may want to take on more of a mentor role and teach his son how to be Zorro, much like Anthony Hopkins did in the first film. While it may be a nice way to round out the trilogy and still leave the franchise door open, are there any young actors out there right now strong enough to even take on such a role? Then again, seeing as The Legend of Zorro wasn't a major success at the box office, do people care enough about the Zorro films to want the series to live on beyond Banderas?

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