Spike Lee's new heist flick Inside Man completely demolished the competition on this, its opening weekend, topping the box office with an unexpectedly strong $30 million on 2818 screens. I mention the number of screens only so that you can fully understand the scope of the whupping that took place: V for Vendetta, which was shown in 500 more theaters than Lee's film, finished a distant second with just $12.3 million. Impressive, huh? And it's so nice to have the top-earning film be one that is generally thought to be good - rather than, say, The Pink Panther, or something.

Another of the week's other debuts, Stay Alive, also had a solid open, bringing in $11.2 million and just out-earning the fourth place film, Failure to Launch. But, with its total of nearly $64 million over three weeks, the $50 million Failure to Launch is now into profit territory. ("Woo hoo!", says Terry Bradshaw's naked ass.) Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, meanwhile, the week's final new entry, finished a distant seventh with an unimpressive $7 million on 1700 screens. Thank you, America, for not putting it in the top five. Hooray for (a degree of) taste!

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