One of AICN's legion of tipsters appears to have gotten his (or her) hands on a copy of Quentin Tarantino's screenplay for his half of Grind House, the retro-style collaboration with Robert Rodriguez - and, assuming that most sane people won't take the time to make up not only length (127 pages) but also cover art (in case you're wondering, it "features a muscle car with huge twin exhausts and a skull on the hood with some lightning bolts"), the write-up is pretty convincingly real.

According to the writer, QT's half of the film - entitled Death Proof - stars Mickey Rourke and stuntwoman Zoe Bell, and revolves around a guy named Stuntman Mike (that's Rourke) who, well, drives around in his kickass stunt car and kills people with it. Um, ok. If that idea appeals to you, go check out the write-up, because there are lots of spoilers therein. In general, however, the tipster wasn't particularly impressed by the script, describing the dialogue as "flat" and "not very clever" - not a good start for something from Tarantino, a man whose best work relies heavily on crackling writing. That said, however, there's reportedly a super-bloody car crash in the middle of the movie - will that get your asses in the seats?
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