Hot young director-of-the-momentJason Reitman has signed a first-look deal with Fox Searchlight, the distributor that, last year, spend $6 million on the right to his Thank You for Smoking. Under the terms of the deal, Hard C, the new company Reitman owns with producer Daniel Dubiecki, will develop and produce new projects for Fox, which sees the agreement as a possible pipeline for edgy, creative comedy. Reitman, however, has bigger things in mind: "I'd like Hard C to be a modern-day National Lampoon, a name that is immediately recognized as a standard for unique, subversive comedy." Wow - one movie and he's suddenly the king of comedy.

Congrats to Reitman and Dubiecki on the deal - they've got a home now, and a nice pile of money to go with it. Is there a risk, though, in pigeonholing themselves to such a degree, so early in their careers? I mean, what if Reitman suddenly realizes he's got a great idea for a thriller? He could always take it elsewhere, obviously (assuming Fox doesn't want it), but who is going to be willing to take a chance on a change-of-genre from The Self-Proclaimed Comedy Guy?
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