Given that pretty much everything else has been Brokeback-ed (from Back to the Future to Legos), it was practically inevitable that the action figures would arrive eventually. And, though you can't yet have a Jack Twist of your very own, at least one set has now been created. According to a post at Pink News (who, frustratingly, never offer a link to the page of the actual creator), the figures were constructed by a guy named "Jedi Doug", a Canadian who made them out of parts of other, commercially available figures. So, really, if you're so-moved, you can make your own - you've got the recipe and everything.

Really, the list of source-figures is by far the best part of this whole thing: I wonder how Heath Ledger would feel, knowing that he's got Pedro's legs, and that the part of his head is being played by Pat Burrell.

[image taken from Pink News]
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