Last week in this space, I pondered the success of Tyler Perry's latest film, Madea's Family Reunion, which to date has grossed over $62 million (the bulk of that in the first 24 days of its run). Then over the weekend, I listened to a fantastic conversation on Integral Naked between philosopher Ken Wilber and Matrix director Larry Wachowski chatting it up about the heavily Buddhist philosophy and intricate storyline of the Matrix films**, and followed that up with this excellent piece on Zen Buddhism in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films. Madea's Family Reunion, the Matrix triology, and Kill Bill - a group of films that on the surface appear to have almost no overlap, other than big box office returns - have more in common than you might think.

(Editor's note: As one of our readers pointed out, to access the interview, you have to join Integral Naked, which costs $10 a month - something I didn't realize at the time because my husband has an account, so when he sent me the URL to it, I was able to log right in. If you're into Ken Wilber, it's a bargain; if you're not into deep philosophical discussions that make your brain bleed, then just read the summary of the interview at the link, above, which you should be able to read without paying. It's a pretty thorough summary. Regardless, my apologies for not disclosing that you would have to pay to hear the interview yourself - KV.)

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