If Project Greenlight has taught us one valuable lesson, it's that good television doesn't always yield good movies. Like most movie geeks, I devoured Seasons 1 & 2 of PG with ravenous abandon, but when it came to enjoying the movies birthed by the reality series (Stolen Summer & The Battle of Shaker Heights), I was left relatively cold. Hoping to shake things up between Season 2 & 3, the Greenlighters dealt with two big changes: The switch from HBO to Bravo -- and the switch from wistful indie comedy to hardcore indie horror.

But if the third season of Project Greenlight ended in May of 2005 ... where's the freakin' movie already? The film in question is entitled Feast, and it's one of the movies that the Brothers Weinstein got custody of following their divorce from Disney/Miramax - but it's been just sitting on a shelf somewhere, despite some relatively positive notices from a small group of critics. (My pal Erik Childress reviewed Feast when it played the Chicago Film Festival, and he really liked the thing!)
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