Raise your hand if you think David Spade has at least one comedic bone in his body. Since I can't see you through my computer screen, I'm going to go ahead and assume no one moved an inch. Correct?

In an interview with Coming Soon, Spade divulged that a script has been written for Joe Dirt 2 and production may start as soon as this summer. However (and I believe this is yet another one of Spade's hilarious quips), the actor claims they will be skipping part 2 and going directly to part 3. Hurray, one less sequel we need to trash. Maybe I'm wrong here because, apparently, the first Joe Dirt did real well on video and that's why they're even contemplating a second. Okay, fess up - who bought it? I, personally, would like to thank you from the bottom of my darkened heart. So, thanks!


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