As even the least film-dorky among us know - if only from the story of Kevin Costner's editing room transformation from Big Chill supporting actor to a body on a slab - directors shoot storylines and sequences that don't make it into the final cuts of their films. Sometimes, as with Costner, the faces that end up on the cutting room floor are very familiar ones, which inevitably leaves us wondering about what might have been. (Harrison Ford? In E.T.?!)

The folks at Film Threat recently put together a list of the Top Deleted Performances of All Time and, while the title seems wildly inappropriate (some of the performances were bad, and many have never even been seen), the list offers up ten very recognizable names who, for a variety of reasons, were relegated to the rubbish bin. Among the names on the list are such megastars as Tyrone Power, Buster Keaton, W.C. Fields, and Alain Delon (Why anyone would want to cut him out of anything is beyond me.), and the widely-varied stories behind their disappearances are fascinating and well worth a look, for trainspotters and fans alike.
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