Today could qualify as semi-orgasmic for those of you who like them movie photos. I use the word semi only because, unfortunately, Christina Ricci's face is covered in her pic. Oh, how they love to tease. Here's what's floating around the web right now:

  • The first pic has been released for this summer's School for Scoundrels, starring Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Heder. Yeah, we don't know how Napoleon keeps getting roles either. In the film, Heder plays a man who enrolls in a confidence boosting class so that he can learn how to pick up the girl of his dreams. There's just one problem: His teacher (Thornton) has a thing for the very same girl. Scoundrels hits on July 14th.
  • Not too long ago, I told you how Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon was riding along with a pizza delivery guy as part of her training for the film Penelope. Well, in these new pics, we get to see the biker bad-ass chick in action. Co-starring alongside Christina Ricci, the film is said to be some sort of modern-day fable that finds Ricci's character attempting to break away from a family curse.
  • For a film that's not coming out until the fall, they are really pimping the hell out of Casino Royale. Even better than the various recent set visits, these new pics give us a good look at Bond girls Eva Green and Caterina Murino. Yum. There's also a few action shots as well as three showing Daniel Craig pointing a gun. We get it - he knows how to hold a gun. But does he ever shoot it?

[via JoBlo]

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