For reason known only to themselves, the folks at New Line are selling the hell out of Take the Lead. In addition to the endless print and TV ads, the studio also put together a blogger junket that featured free airfare and lodging in LA, as well as face time with the film's stars. (Sadly, our pesky ethics kept us from taking part.) The latest wrinkle in their endless effort to convince the world that Take the Lead is the best movie ever is a mash-up video (created by a London-based VJ team that did it because they were paid to, not because the music and movie are just that good) that "uses lines and sounds from the film set to a dance beat."

While one has to admire New Line's enthusiasm and approach (it's already old hat to do the viral thing through dedicated websites, but a trailer mash-up is a pretty creative idea) and, God help me, I sort of the like the video, what are the odds it's going to bring bodies to the theater?

[via Digital Bulletin]