If there was any of hope of finding a company that could come up with a classy, smart way to distribute Steve Anderson's F*ck (there's no star in the actual title, but we're delicate here at Cinematical), it's ThinkFilm. ThinkFilm was responsible last year for handing the controversial The Aristocrats with impressive grace (while getting it lots and lots of press because of ratings issues - the film was eventually released unrated, rather than taking the inevitable NC-17), and has a strong history of handing independent documentaries like Muderball, Favela Rising, and Born into Brothels.

The film, which features an incredibly wide array of figures (as far as I'm concerned, any list that includes both Pat Boone and Chuck D. is interesting by default) discussing its title word, screen earlier this month at SXSW (Anderson documented his experience through blogentries at IndieWire) and was well-received there; ThinkFilm plan to have it in theaters later this year, after which time it will air on Showtime.
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