Remember Peggy Sue Got Married? And how Kathleen Turner got to go back and live her high school life over again, making those changes she thought she wanted? (And how Francis Ford Coppola cast both nephew Nicolas Cage and daughter Sofia in it? Sneaky devil.) Well, it's now been all of 20 years since that particular flashback flick (the last good one, if nothing else), so Hollywood has decided it's time to hit us with another - and this one's for the fellas.

Entitled Touchback, the film tells the story of a 20-something ex-high school football star whose career was ended by a "shattered" leg during his senior season. (And if this movie is going to try to make us feel sympathy for the pathetic adults who can talk about nothing but their high school sports careers, I might turn violent. Just so you know.) Since this is a movie about impossible second chances, he hits his head and "find[s] himself back in time, a week before the big game."

Don Handfield's screenplay has been picked up by Morgan Creek, who have hired TV veteran David Nutter to direct. No word yet on who will play the football stud - I guess Dennis Quaid is finally too old for this sort of thing, huh?
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