Man alive - John Lasseter and Ed Catmull are seriously laying down the law at Disney. Part of the new arrangement created by the Disney-Pixar marriage is that Pixar execs are reviewing some of the projects that Disney has in or headed towards production; one of those projects is Gnomeo and Juliet, which was tentatively scheduled to be in theaters in 2008. The film was supposed to be a CGI retelling of the Romeo and Juliet story, only with garden gnomes and Elton John music (John had agreed to open up his entire back catalog to the studio). Unfortunately for the people who sell soundtracks, however, Gnomeo is no more. Though no official reason was given for the project being pulled, an insider (a real, reliable insider) reports that, when a Pixar exec asked a meeting of Disney officials "Why are we making this?", their answer was a long silence. In response, the exec said "Well, we're not." Gone.

In addition, Lasseter and co reportedly want a major, major overhaul - including character changes - of the previously-discussed Meet the Robinsons. Wow. Can this really be? Quality standards? At Disney?
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