Remember that episode of The Simpsons where Marge tells Homer that they sawRashomon together, and he says "I don't remember it that way"? Ah, foreign film humor. Since the movie is now culturally integrated enough to become a Simpsons joke (and thus press conferences and interviews can contain wise references to Rashomon that people might get) Columbia pictures has decided that it's now completely safe to make their own multiple-views-on-the-same-event movie. Their Rashomon-esque flick is entitled Vantage Point, and will explore an attempted presidential assassination through five sets of eyes.

Currently set to star are Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox, which means it'll be a while before this one gets off the ground - as soon as he escapes from this season of Lost, Fox will head right into McG's movie about the Marshall football program; Vantage Point has to be on his personal back burner at the moment.
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