Today's odds and ends:
  • Now that Bill Clinton is out of the public eye, Darrell Hammond is so desperate for work that he's agreed to appear in a movie in which he'll play second-fiddle to a dog. Directed by Alan Shapiro (of The Crush "fame"), the film is called Frank, and "centers on an abandoned dog who ingratiates himself with a family vacationing on an idyllic island." Poor Darrell.
  • The latest movie headed to the stage is none other than Xanadu, the completely kick ass Olivia Newton-John roller-skating musical that all the cool kids try to pretend they don't like. Liars. Don't even try to tell me you can resist this movie - come on, people, that's Gene Kelly! (Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait until 2007 to see the stage version, dammit all.) Until then, we can simulate the experience by humming Magic, and trying to find a way to see the world through a thin layer of dreamy gauze.
  • Great news for Shia LaBeouf: he's not going to have to act all alone in Disturbia. Carrie-Anne Moss, David Morse, and Sara Roemer have all been added to the cast of D.J. Caruso's thriller. Without reading anything more than the cast list and based entirely on how scary he is, I think it's safe to assume that Morse plays the bad guy. And yeah, he does. In case you've forgotten, the film tells the story of a troubled high school student (that's Shia) who "becomes convinced that his neighbor [Morse, of course] is a serial killer." It's scheduled to begin shooting this week.
  • Playwright/The Office star Mindy Kaling recently sold a pitch - something about sororities - to Fox Searchlight's new teen division. (A teen division? Are we suffering from a shortage of teen movies, or something?) Seriously, the sorority setting is all the detail Variety has. If all you have to do to sell a pitch is name a place where young boobs often are, I'm so packing my bags. "College bar!" "Model apartment!" "Fashion show!" Hollywood, here I come.
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