Even when he's not listed in the credits, Steven Soderbergh often shoots (Peter Andrews, the guy who shot Traffic? Yeah, that's Soderbergh.) and edits (The busy Mary Ann Bernard, who edited Solaris, Kafka, K Street, and is working The Good German? Soderbergh.) his own films. And, starting with the new DVD of Lodge H. Kerrigan's indie film Keane, he's begun editing films he produced, as well.

Keane, which cleaned up at last year's Deauville Film festival and was also nominated for Gotham and Independent Spirit awards, is the story of a man searching for his lost daughter, who he assumes has been kidnapped from New York's Port Authority bus terminal. The film was just released on DVD in the US, and one of the bonus features on the disc is an alternate version edited by Soderbergh himself. Soderbergh, he created his version after Kerrigan sent him his own rough edit of the film, simply to show the director an alternate approach, "in case it jogged anything (it didn't)." According to the Washington Post, Soderbergh's version, though it shortens the film, reshuffles events dramatically, and is even less commercial than the theatrical release. Man, what a cool feature for film nerds and people who are interested in exploring the power of editing.

[via Film Stalker and Pan and Scan]