Though it's not even written yet, Nicole Kidman's new project with 20th Century Fox is being described as a more girly Bourne Identity. Assuming the similarity is more in the ass-kicking vein than it is the "Who am I?" one, I'm digging the concept, particularly if it also mirrors the workman-like attitude of the Bourne flicks (as opposed to the whole "I'm a very busy spy but I spend a lot of my time dressing nicely and seducing people" vibe that dominates the Bond series). I don't know about you, but I'm more than willing to buy that Kidman can kick ass when call upon to do so.

The screenplay will be written by Simon Kinberg who has found himself very popular indeed ever since his Mr. & Mrs. Smith went box office crazy (thus making everyone instantly forget that he also wrote xXx: State of the Union). Kidman was actually supposed to play Mrs. Smith (ah, what might have been) but ran into scheduling conflicts and had to pull out.
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