Finally! Someone has gotten around to writing that ping-pong movie we've been waiting for - it's about damn time, Hollywood. Entitled Balls of Fury (of course it is), the movie tells the harrowing tale of "a former ping-pong champ [who] is brought in by the government to infiltrate a high-stakes underworld [ping-pong] tournament and bring down the organizer, a feared crime boss." Needless to say, since it's been written by the guys who created Reno 911!, the movie is a comedy (and if you read that summary and thought it might be serious, you need to get out more).

Even in a film with a plot as magnificent as this one, however, everything depends on the casting. Tony-winning stage actor Dan Fogler was signed to play the champ a few months ago, which is fine - I'm sure the man is very talented, and knows his pong inside and out. What truly kicked in the movie into another world, however, was the casting of Christopher Walken as Fang, the ping-pong loving crime boss. Oh yes. Really, what else do you need? The fact that Fogler's character has an East German nemesis is just icing on a magnificent movie cake.

The brilliance will commence in June, under the direction of co-writer Robert Ben Garant.
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