Dark Horizons this morning offers us all a concise wrap-up of an extensive interview that David Cronenberg recently did with a Canadian newspaper. Though the interview was conducted ostensibly the promote the DVD release of A History of Violence, the director also shared a lot of details about upcoming and derailed projects (one of which, Red Cars, sounds so fantastic that I wish I'd never heard about it).

Among other things, Cronenberg confirmed that Maps to the Stars, his first film to be made on American soil, is up next, assuming financing and a cast can be secured. The earliest the production could begin, though, is September, so we shouldn't expect anything soon. Also in the works for the director is Eastern Promises, the sex-trafficking, dead prostitute thriller he's making with Focus Features. The script is currently being rewritten and, though Cronenberg assumes he's still in line to direct, this film is definitely taking a back seat to Stars. Additionally, London Fields - based on Martin Amis' screenplay of his own novel - is "still a possibility," though it's now only the director's third priority.

Many more details are available here.
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