In case you need to start your personal preparations now, May 8 is Roberto Rossellini's birthday (or it would be, had he not died almost 30 years ago). What's that? You're not having a party? Yeah, me either. We're all philistines. It's alright, though, because Italy appears to be throwing a hell of a blowout - it is, after all, the 100th anniversary of his birth. (And if you only know the man's name because he's Isabella's dad, do yourself a favor and go rent Open City.)

According to Variety, in recognition of the centennial, Cinecitta is going to be restoring and issuing new prints of ten of his films. Using master prints (to which they just recently managed to acquire the rights), the studio will be reissuing such masterpieces as Open City, Germany: Year Zero, Stromboli, and Journey to Italy. Though Variety's report only mentions home video and television distribution, one assumes that the prints will be offered to theaters, as well - maybe it's not totally unreasonable to dream that, next year, a Rossellini retrospective will tour the US, completely with gorgeous new prints.
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