In addition to being one of those rare actors who has successfully moved beyond a starring childhood TV role, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (James will have an interview with him for us later this week; Brick comes out April 7) also appears to be something of an amateur filmmaker. A couple of weeks ago, he posted a short called Pictures of Assholes to YouTube and, despite the title, its brief (less than four minutes) running time, and the fact that it's just Gordon-Levitt shooting a couple of photographers who were trying to take his picture, the video actually ends up offering an interesting (albeit minor) insight into the weird world of professional stalking.

Plus, a nice side-effect of the whole thing is that Gordon-Levitt comes across as intelligent and mature. And, while that might be a damaging discovery about someone like Jessica Simpson, it's a reassuring thing to learn about a guy who's moved from being a TV alien to building a career out of unusual, thoughtful films.
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