(As part of our constant efforts to not stop thinkin' about tomorrow, we at Cinematical are going to try yet another new thing: MovieMail. For a week, Kim and I will post small missives to each other about Ice Age 2 and whatever came up for us off the top of our heads ... and next week, two other Cinematical writers will talk about, uh, something else. -- J.)

Dear Kim:

It's not like this job offers immense possibilities for existential hand-wringing and angst; we're not transplant doctors or social workers, after all. But the one thing I do wonder is if, in fact, having kids makes you see kid films in a different way. I know you saw Ice Age 2, and I know you took a few progeny to it last Thursday night; I slumped in, childless and tired, for a 10:00 am screening here in SF last Saturday.

And when I watch a movie like Ice Age 2, I have to -- or, rather, I try to -- think like a parent. I know my nieces were traumatized by the opening of Finding Nemo; so when I watch a kid flick I wonder "Might there be anything in this that would be too intense for a kid? Any grown-up jokes that I might not want a hypothetical kid asking questions about? Could a kid follow the storyline?"

I guess what I'm asking is, does having kids there make reviewing a kid's film easier … or just different? Oh, and how'd you like it? And isn't it interesting that Jay Leno can be unfunny in almost every medium?


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