Today's bits and pieces:
  • The second installment of the Hot Fuzz video diary is now up. This one features more talking and less bike-riding than the first, and is devoted mostly to writer/director Edgar Wright talking about the movie with his cool accent. In addition, Wright continues to describe the movie as "an action film," and I continue to be unable to accept that. [via Film Ick]
  • Oh look - another stupid drag movie! This one's called Beautiful Asian Brides and, though it's being developed for Lucy Liu, is about "a man wrongly accused of murder who goes undercover as a mail-order bride in an attempt to prove his innocence." Please, Lord, let this one die in development. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer have recently taken over the project, and it's only a matter of time before Martin Lawrence's phone starts to ring.
  • Dimension has acquired the rights to The Hookup Handbook: A Single Girl's Guide to Living It Up, and have hired three whole writers for the epic task of turning the book into a hilarious movie. In case you missed it, the book is about three (incredibly hot, one can be sure) women who "leave traditional dating behind [for]...a series of life-changing romantic adventures, all in pursuit of 'hooking up.'" Sounds idiotic, doesn't it? Really, we're just out of touch: according to the film's totally unbiased co-producer, the story "cuts like a laser right to the heart of what's going on with today's young people and the way they relate to each other on an emotional level." Got that? We're so lucky someone is finally making a movie to tell us how we relate!
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