In Drawing Restraint 9, artist Matthew Barney stuffs two hours and twenty minutes of abstract art imagery inside the husk of a faux-narrative, no more deeply sketched than a music video concept, in which both he and human question mark Bjork are visitors on a Japanese factory whaling ship that has just put to sea. Arriving alongside the ship in a dinghy, in raggedy clothes and with a full beard, Barney is first hoisted up the side of the ship in a people-bucket and thereafter led around by silent, servile Japanese who are either a) steering into the concept of themselves as human fetish objects for their own amusement or b) existing to add a layer of Shinto complexity to Barney's ongoing thesis on pent-up energy and its consequences. For anyone who has not taken the trouble to view Drawing Restraints 1 - 8, they are art projects centered on the search for an artistic corollary to the physical condition known as hypertrophy, whereby muscles gain in strength when they meet resistance.

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