I hate bowling. Hate it. It's a source of constant frustration that something that seems like it should be so easy should be so God damn bloody difficult -- what is fun, exactly, about being constantly taunted by 10 deceptively vulnerable pins? (Can you tell I'm getting angry as I type this? It's 6:48am, and I'm mad about bowling. I may well need therapy after this post.) Luckily, though, my fury at the sport does not render me unable to enjoy movies that feature it. Meaning, for example, that I love to watch Donny and the Dude bowl. I'm not sure, however, that watching Tara Reid do so would be quite as much fun (unless she swears a lot and talks about Nam).

But for those of you who have a thing for both Ms. Reid and bowling shoes, here's your big chance: She's signed on to star in 7-10 Split, a bowling comedy that just happens to be her brother Tommy's directorial debut. The film, in which Reid gets to play The Girlfriend, is about "an aspiring actor who becomes the Tiger Woods of the bowling circuit. Together, he and his girlfriend put the fun and edge back into bowling." Really? This sort of thing is appealing to people?

The movie was written by Ross Patterson, who will also star. Production begins next month.
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