A few days ago, the increasingly scary Lindsay Lohan announced that she'd like to play the title character in Joss Whedon's upcoming Wonder Womanproject. While this indubitably made a few of you out there excited, most of us were on our knees, praying that any god who might listen would keep her far, far away from the project. Recently, another actress expressed interest in the part - an this one is probably much more palatable for the geek world. Charisma Carpenter, who played Cordelia Chase on TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayerand Angel told TV Guide that she'd love to play the part. When TV Guide suggested the match, Carpenter excitedly responded "I know! From your lips to God's ears... or Joss'. "

Regular readers know that I've never been an avid Buffy fan. I don't think it was a bad show by any means - I just never watched much of it. However, Carpenter is already leagues ahead in my mind based on the simple fact that she is not Lindsay Lohan. I don't know how talented she is - some of you who've seen her on TV should chime in here and let me know - but I suppose she does at least have the look for the part. And she's probably got a good angle, having worked with Joss for several years on his most beloved project.
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