SuperheroHype has our first look at Dark Horse's upcoming classic sci-fi spoof Monarch of the Moon- and I must say, it looks like nothing short of amazing. The idea of the movie, if you haven't heard, is to recreate the look and feel of a 1950s serial sci-fi story, and so far it looks to be right on target. The script follows the adventures of the World War II action hero Yellow Jacket, an ex-fighter pilot who defends truth, justice and the American Way against evil Japanese robots and Nazi scientists bent on creating a device called the Doomsday Ray. Somehow, in the course of this wackiness, Y.J. goes into space to fight the Monarch of the Moon, as well. The three pictures which can be viewed at the above link provide an exciting early look at the project. They don't show anything wildly outrageous in terms of special effects yet, but they do have a great looking shot of a hero in flight, Rocketeer-style, which just screams 1950s.

The more I learn about this crazy project, the more excited I become. The concept is a winner, the plot is delicious, and now the early images look right on target. I have no idea if this film will be a success, but I can tell you I surely expect to enjoy it. Dark Horse may have a daunting task ahead of them, however, in giving the project mass appeal.
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