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In case you hadn't heard, we had a birthday recently and, as often happens on such occasions, we're giving away money to celebrate. You say you like movies? Oh yeah? Prove it! (And with photo evidence, if you please.) If I could find my Feyd action figure, I'd post his picture as example to you, though something that patically minimal wouldn't win me any prizes in this competition. I know somebody out there turned his entire den into Arrakis, complete with sand where there once was a floor, and massive worms that rise out of the basement whenever the dog dares tread in the area. Yeah, that's right - I'm talking to you. Come on, show us your obsessive cinema fandom!

Whatever your evidence is, take a picture of it, and email it to james(dot)rocchi(at)cinematical(dot)com. We've extended the deadline to 11:59PM EST, Friday, March 31. So get that digital camera out, take a pic, and send it in already! First prize will be a $200 Amazon gift certificate. Two runners-up will get one of our snazzy Cinematical t-shirts.

Rules - boring, but necessary - are below:

  1. Keep it Real. No photoshop, no fakery.
  2. Contest is open to anyone, anywhere. Unless you work or are related to someone who works for Cinematical, Weblogs, Inc., or AOL.
  3. Enter by dropping your pictures of your memorabilia in comments, or email your pictures in to james.rocchi (at) cinematical (dot) com, subject "Birthday" (no quotes).
  4. Be creative, and have fun!
  5. You've got until 11:59PM  EST Friday March 31 to enter your photo.
  6. All pictures submitted become the property of Cinematical, and may be run on our website.