Despite an influx of donations when the closing was announced last December that enabled it to stay open for a few extra months, the James Dean Gallery in Gas City, Indiana, is officially no more. Owner David Loehr founded his museum in 1988, at which time it was located in Fairmount, where Dean grew up. in 2004, he moved his collection a few miles up the road to Gas City and a new, larger facility, but the Gallery has struggled financially since the move to the costly, climate-controlled building; Loehr was forced to close his doors last month, and has put most of his memorabilia in storage. Some of the items will be set up in a small display in a museum nearby, while others might eventually be lent to Dean's old high school (currently raising funds for renovation); most of it, however, will be viewable only on the Gallery website, which Loehr intends to keep online (along with his handy-dandy gift shop).
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