If you are looking for hope in the Vinne Jones as the Juggernaut situation, this sadly is not your day. IGN has recently shared a few new pictures (under the title of Juggernaut Breaks Loose) showing the man himself in action - and while they certainly demonstrate a very positive step up from that absolutely laughable image that was floating around a week or two ago, they still lack the essential hugeness that should define the character. He weighs nine hundred pounds, for crying out loud. For comparison, pull up Marvel Directory's Juggernaut page and have a good look at the character as he is shown there, particularly in the picture halfway down the page where he is throwing Spider-Man around - the perspective offered by a normal-ish sized Peter Parker really exemplifies how huge the Juggernaut should be. I will say that the image on IGN that shows him running behind Mystique seem to convey a proper sense of height...but the guy still needs to weigh several hundred more pounds. Really, though, there are probably bigger (pun definitely intended) problems to worry about with this film than the Juggernaut's character design.
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