Thursday's bit and bobs:
  • One imagines that giant fireballs erupt fairly regularly on the set of Mission: Impossible III. The problem, however, is when unscheduled explosions occur, and there are unprepared stuntmen in the area, and they get burned over 60% of their bodies. One such stuntman is suing, among others, Paramount Pictures and Tom Cruise's very own production company, seeking "unspecified damages."
  • New Line won the bidding war for the movie rights to Land of the Living. The Nicci French novel suddenly became a hot property in Hollywood when one James Ellroy pitched his own take on the story; New Line's nearly-million-dollar investment bought both the rights and Ellroy's agreement to write the screenplay. The summary of the story - which is about a "promiscuous woman" who is kidnapped and tortured, only to find that the police don't believe her story and leave her to figure things out on her own - is scary as hell, and it's safe to assume that Ellroy will make it even darker.
  • A Soap, a Swedish/Danish film that earned a lot of buzz (not to mention a jury prize) at Berlin, has been picked up for North American distribution by Strand Releasing. The film explores the relationship between "an emotionally confused woman...[and] her young, pre-op transsexual neighbor"; it just made its American premiere at New York's New Directors/New Films Series, and is expected to make a quick turnaround, appearing in theaters this spring.
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