Before writing this story, I tried to remember the last movie I watched in 3-D. Believe it or not, I think it was the Nightmare on Elm Street flick in which, supposedly, Freddy was to die for the last time. Didn't they release that in 3-D? And if so, why?

Anyway, IMAX and Warner Brothers announced today that Superman Returns will play the IMAX screen, as well as feature 20 minutes of the film in 3-D, making it the first live-action movie to do so. Here's how it's going to work: Bryan Singer chose certain parts of the film (I'm guessing anything that has Superman flying towards the screen) to showcase in 3-D. As we approach said scenes, the audience will be given a visual clue that tells them to put on their magic glasses. That brings me to another point: Am I the only moron that can never figure out the proper way to wear 3-D glasses without wanting to rip them off my face and chuck them at the screen? Oh, and why is it that we all feel the urge not to return the glasses at the end of a film? I mean, if we kept them, what in the world would we use them for?

Part of the reason they're doing this is to bring a little more excitement (and/or lots of money) back to the theater. And I do agree with them. If done properly, watching a little bit of an action-packed film in 3-D certainly does add some more juice to the moviegoing experience. However, as fun as it is, there is still no way I can sit through an entire film with those annoying glasses on. Will you be heading to your local IMAX to watch the Man of Steel in 3-D?


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