Paramount just picked up the movie rights to H.I.V.E., yet another in the long line of unpublished books that are being made into movies. If it makes the writers among you feel any better, this one actually is scheduled for release - it's due out in the UK this fall. Written by Mark Walden, the book - aimed at the ubiquitous "young adult" - is about The Higher Institute of Villainous Education (H.I.V.E.), "a top secret school of applied villainy where children with a precocious talent for wrongdoing are sent to develop their talents into criminal mastermind." How awesome does that sound? Mmm...criminal masterminds.

The only problem is that Paramount plans to turn the novel into "a big family movie with franchise potential." Actually, that's two problems: 1)family, and 2)franchise. Basically, then, this is just another venture in the unceasing search for the next Harry Potter, and not an attempt to make a really cool movie about evil bastards. Though the movie's plot isn't mentioned in Paramount's announcement, based on the summary at Amazon, it's a good guess that it will center on two gifted, rebellion students who want to leave the school before their required six years of training are up. And I think we can safely assume that, despite the presence (sort of) of the word "Villainous" in the movie's title, incidents of actual villainy will be few and far between. Dammit.
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