Most fans have made it rather clear that a return to the Conan franchise would not be welcome without the man who made the role, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Largely, this is because it has been indicated that the coming sequel will focus around King Conan - an aged version of the classic hero - which means that an older Arnold fits the role perfectly (despite his continual efforts to stay in shape, fans would have a harder time arguing for the current Arnold to play a 20-year-old Barbarian). And the chances that the governor will return just got stronger, as a recent note from a Warner Brothers executive suggests that the company is interested in bringing back the star for a reprisal of his role - perhaps more than one reprisal, as a matter of fact. The statement closes with the following: "I can also tell you that if Arnold wants to make two more Conan films, we will gladly make that deal happen."

Sounds good to me. It seems like the big question at this point lies with the governor himself. Presuming he finds himself free of political obligation sometime in the near future, the role will apparently be waiting for him. And lets all be honest - while the idea of Arnold as a governor is fun, wouldn't we all much rather see him making a new Conan movie?
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