I know you'll find it hard to believe if you live in the Puget Sound area, but this weekend we're scheduled for yet more rain. Like a good Seattleite, I like my rain and dark cloud cover as much as the rest of you, but even I'm starting to get excited at the occasioal glimpses of blue sky and sunshine.  As always, though, you have lots of movie options to keep you happy, and chances are whatever theater you choose, there's a coffee shop nearby to get your obligatory caffeine fix to boot.

UW Film Club 


This week brings us the Seattle Arab and Iranian Film Festival  (March 31-April 6), and what a lineup! The festival has some promising films lined up, including Sundance winner Iraq in Fragments, Gate of the Sun, a 278-minute epic film about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as told through the 50 year history of an uprooted Palestinian family, and documentary The Color of Olives. Check out the full schedule here.



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