Did The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle teach Hollywood nothing?! Was its run in theaters was so brief that no one noticed its existence and utter failure? Whatever their excuse, Disney has a lot to answer for when it comes to their determination to change Underdog from a cute cartoon into a movie featuring real humans. I mean, honestly - who approves these things? By what totally demented logic did they convince themselves that this movie was worth spending money to create?

Right. Bitching and whining aside, there is one bit of news about the movie that might save it from being a complete disaster: the magnificent Peter Dinklage is in it. Apparently the only human being actually in the cast so far, Dinklage will be playing a villain named Simon Bar Sinister (which somehow, accord to the The Hollywood Reporter, actually says "Simon Bastard." You clearly have to be smarter than I am to understand that.) and just may make at least parts of the movie worth watching. Maybe. I just hope they're paying him so much that he won't care if (Ha! I said "if.") the movie tanks.

Dinklage's humiliation begins next month in Rhode Island - let's hope they find him some other humans to act with before the cameras start rolling.
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