Our corporate sugar-daddies at AOL have this contest going for American Dreamz: record yourself singing the American Dreamz theme song and send them a video. They'll post the best (and what do you wanna bet the worst, too) entries for readers to vote on. See, it's kinda like American Idol, but without the snark of Simon Cowell and whatever-she's-on-this-week antics and gravity-defying boobage of Paula Abdul.

I haven't seen American Dreamz yet (Jette just wrote a review from SXSW, and I'll be reviewing it later from a non-festival screening), but just on the description - the president of the United States serving as a judge on an Idol type show? Riiiiight. Because the first thing you want to do when you have a president having a breakdown is put him on TV without his teleprompter, right? Besides, what better use for the time of the leader of the Free World than judging a pop star show? Honestly - am I the only one who thinks this concept was doomed to the realms of banality from the get-go?

Okay, criticism of the concept of the film aside, some of  you might actually have the spare time and inclination (and hopefully talent as well)  to enter this contest. If you're interested, check it out over here. Warning: you have to sing the Mandy Moore song - you can't be all cool and do your own version of Live's cover of Walk the Line or anything. But I must admit - seeing some tattooed, heavy metal rocker boy blasting out a Mandy Moore song would probably make my day.

Thanks to hot tipper Mike for pointing us to this gem.