According to a report posted at Moviehole, Darren Aronofsky is finally done with The Fountain - and it's good. If the tipster is to be believed, he saw the film last night at Warner Brothers' first screening of the completed project, and was really impressed by it, despite some weaknesses in the third act.

According to the report, both Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz are incredible in the film, which traces their characters' relationship through three time periods, and three tragic deaths. Weirdly, though the writer ends his piece by proclaiming The Fountain one of the best movies he's seen in years, he also says that its pacing is awkward at times, and that the entire third segment - the one set in the future - "feels forced." So, either this guy doesn't see many movies, or the rest of it is just so great that he was willing to overlook the negatives. Either way, the movie sounds incredibly intense (again, if this report is based on a real screening); after a hoped-for Cannes premiere, it's due out in the US later this year.

Edit: Here's a contrasting opinion from someone who was (or at least claims to have been) at the same screening. Beware of spoilers.
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