Film bloggers are spending a lot of time this week pondering the recent efforts by the MPAA and big theater chains to urge people back into movie theaters, and suggesting more practical solutions.
  • Mike at Techdirt claims the trouble is that most theaters aren't offering a good social experience anymore (I feel like we're cattle at certain large chains), but they fail to see this as the problem. He also notes that they're missing the point entirely about the competition of movies on DVD.
  • John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey proposes the best way to improve the theatergoing experience and draw crowds back to movie theaters: hire bouncers disguised as ushers. He has a point: the Alamo theaters in Austin rarely get obnoxious, because the theater chain devised a discreet way for patrons to complain about noise. (Or as their house ad says, "Don't talk or Ann Richards will take your ass out.") [via GreenCine Daily]
  • Scott Kirsner at CinemaTech explains the difficulties that theaters will face as the length of time from theatrical to DVD release decreases, and suggests a number of clever ways in which theaters might choose (or have already chosen, in some cases) to attract audiences.
  • Unrelated: A couple of entertaining themes are traveling around the world of film bloggers this week. Edward Copeland has been asking bloggers to post lists of their choices for the top ten worst Best Picture Oscar winners. Also this week, girish put out a call for bloggers to write about Abel Ferrera, which has produced some fascinating essays. I regret not having time to tell my story about seeing Ms. 45 in London in 1989.
  • Finally, also unrelated: Peter Nelhaus posted a great entry this week about William Castle horror films that I had to mention, I enjoyed it so much. The photos from Mr. Sardonicus are especially creepy.