Look everyone - Freddy Prinze Jr. is still making crappy movies! Production Weekly reports that the Scooby Doo star has signed on to star in Dick and Jane vs. the World. Pic, which is written, directed by and starring Vanessa Parise will tell of two roommates who fall in love and then decide to write a manifesto that details their rules for life. However, Jane has a really big secret and, by hiding it from Dick, she breaks rule # 1: "Be Honest".

Okay, well I'll be honest instead - I don't need Freddy Prinze Jr. telling me his rules for life. In fact, if I were to write a manifesto, the first rule would probably go something like this: "Don't watch any film that includes Freddy Prinze Jr. somewhere amidst its cast." I'd imagine rule number two would have something to do with the fact that I'm sick of the names Dick and Jane and wish someone would change it up. Lou and Gina? Augustus and Sunshine? Help me out here.

While Parise is also acting in the film, it hasn't been said if she'll be playing the role of Jane, though it appears she will be. Shooting will begin this May in Los Angeles.

[via Coming Soon]

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