ThinkFilm has picked up the North American rights to Candy (which is nice, because it gives them something to distribute that doesn't have "f*ck" in thetitle), an Australian film that had its world premiere at Berlin earlier this year. The movie stars Heath Ledger as a straight poet who happens to enjoy a spot of heroin now and again. Happily, he meets a young lady (the film's titular character, played by Abbie Cornish) who is in to the same sort of thing; the movie traces the ups and downs of their relationships with one another and the smack.

According to an early review in Variety, the performances (including that of the totally awesome Geoffrey Rush, in a supporting role) are uniformly good, but the film's screenplay is uneven, its tone varying so wildly as to be occasionally off-putting. Plus, there's reportedly a cold turkey scene that's not too much fun to watch. Basically, it's Trainspotting, except in Australia. And with a girl.
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