It's pretty cool in New York to be cynical about the Tribeca Film Festival: from its more-commercial-than-expected nature to the questionable choice of Paul Greengrass' United 93 as this year's opening film, the fest comes in for a lot of (sometimes deserved) hatred from the vaguely intellectual side of the city's film community. So, maybe I'm naive (or a simpleton, which is a distinct possibility), but after having spent several hours the other night going through the list of press screenings, and then reading the list of panelist we'll be hearing from this year, I find it impossible not to be excited about what's in store.

Starting April 26, in addition to some fantastic films ( I'm particularly looking forward to Hammer and Tickle, Hanging Garden and Crime Novel; the full list is here), festival attendees will also get to see panels featuring Steven Soderbergh, Harold Ramis, T-Bone Burnett, and Bob Balaban, among others, speaking on topics ranging from "Candid Cameras & the Secret Lives of Soldiers" to "What Would Jesus...Direct?". Honestly, if you love film, how can you resist any of this?