The fourth installment of the 300 video diary is now up and, though these are never going to be as enjoyable as the (much, much shorter) missives that issue from the set of Hot Fuzz, they remain fairly informative - if you're interested in the movie, I mean. So far we've learn how director Zack Snyderfeels about the Spartans (they're "badass"), about the film's look (basically, it's a big fake rock with a whole lot of CGI), and about the training they put the actors through in order to make them comic-book buff (it sucks sucks sucks). The new piece is about costume design, and it's sort of fascinating - we rarely hear about this aspect of filmmaking, and it's cool if you're a dork like me to hear about all the consideration that goes into, say, deciding what color the Greeks are going to wear.

Even though shooting really seems to be moving along, since the movie's being shot against a blue screen, 300 is going to spend about 500 years in post-production; it's not due out in until 2007.

[via Movies Online]
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